Posted on: December 12, 2010 8:35 pm

Eagles Game in 15 Minutes

As I get ready for the Eagles game, an overwhelming feeling of concern has kind of hit me.  Pundits are picking this game as the upset special of the week and as I watch entry interviews for most of the players, they are talking about revenge and how they ave to get them back for what they did to them last year.  They are saying they need to pop them in the mouth and embarass them.  Don't get me wrong, that sounds all well and good, but I believe they may be a little short sighted on this one.  Yes, what the Cowboys did to the Eagles last year was very bad to the franchise and the young players' egos but that was last year and this season is a whole new story. If they wanted revenge, they can laugh at them for going 1-7 to start the season and ruining any chance of the playoffs. Its time for the leaders of this team to step and get all the players in line so they can do to the Cowboys what basically all of the NFL has done so far this season and that's beat them.

My quick pre game analysis of the game is that the Cowboys' secondary is playing horrible and the defense's main problems have been controlling the passing game.  Andy Reid has has ten games to prepare for this game and he will exploit this.  LeSean McCoy will have a big game through check downs, which will then eventually pull the safeties in allowing Maclin and Jackson one on one go routes for the big plays.  So, offense will not be a problem.  Defense may be but having Dez Bryant out as well as Romo can make this a game with a high turnover margin in the Eagles favor.  Well the game has started, lets see what the Eagles can do. By the way, they sure do like the prime time.  Remember Washington? 
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Posted on: December 1, 2010 11:01 pm

Eagles Slip and Fall, Will Get Back Up at Home

The Eagles trip to Chicago turned out to be that game that was the fan letdown.  We all knew it was going to happen at some point.  According to the win-loss record, the Bears were a team that was evenly matched to the Eagles. But in truth, everyone had the overwhelming thought that the Eagles were by far the better team.  Well, the Bears came out and handled the Eagles and handed them their fourth loss.  Though while waching the game, I noticed one thing that stood out, the field was in absolute horrible condition.  From the very beginning, I knew this may be a problem. Low and behold, the Eagles fast and uptempo offense was severely slowed down by a field that was causing slippage and cleat changes from the beginning.  DeSean Jackson could not make those quick cuts that make him one of the best wide receivers in the game.  Michael Vick was contained in the pocket and forced to throw from there because his ability to escape and run to the outside was hindered by a sloppy, muddy field. 

Now, I cannot and will not blame the Eagles losing strictly on a destroyed Chicago football field as the Lovie Smith and the Bears' defensive staff developed a solid game plan to limit the big play which the Eagles thrive on.  By playing the safeties 20 to 30 yards deep, Jackson and Jeremy Maclin could not go up the field for the big play and rarely did they adjust by breaking off their route. This did leave the middle of the field open but the only sparingly did the Michael Vick just take what the defense gave him.  Desean Jackson will need to get past the big hit he took going over the middle against the Falcons and start running those option routes across the field to get defenses scared again so defenses will be forced to bring those safeties up to help. But, the ability to catch the ball and cut back without slipping helps too.  Defensively, the Bears offensive speed had a step on the Eagles the whole game (knowing the field and the perfect cleat helps).  Asante Samuel missing the game was a big blow as Joselio Hanson is a good nickel corner but just not suited to be lined up on the outside.  Dimitri Patterson slipped up a few times causing a few big plays but he is a good rookie and I think his future is bright.  I think the Eagles team knows how to chalk this game up to unforunate circumstances but losing the head to head tiebreaker, this loss could be costly.

In the end, The Eagles need to review the film and move on quickly as they have a short week and play the Texans on Thursday at home.  At least the team will know what cleats they will be wearing during the game.  I expect a high scoring effort from the Eagles as Andy Reid knows how to game plan and get his team ready to play and the Houston Texans are the 28th ranked passing defense. The Texans can get after Michael Vick but over pursuit will be a problem at times creating running oppurtunties for Vick. As I said before, the offense will not be a problem.  But the Texans have a solid offense as well with Andre Johnson playing after speculation he would be suspended for game for fighting during last week's contest.  They also have a bruising running back in Foster that can create short 2nd downs.  The Eagles defensive line will get penetration on Matt Schaub and If Asante Samuel plays (listed as questionable), this will be a long game for the Texans.  Even if Asante doesn't play, the Texans find themselves coming into Philladelphia on a short week against a team ready to prove themselves as an elite team.  The Eagles offense will be ready to play and I think the Texans better bring at least 35 points to the table to even have a shot.  I don't think that happens with Eagles rolling over them by creating a few turnovers and capitalizing on Houston mistakes.

My final score is Eagles 38, Texans 20. 

Posted on: November 19, 2010 10:53 am

With Vick as the QB, Eagles are the Team to Beat

Now I know this is at the risk of sounding like a homer (and I am a die hard Eagles fan), Michael Vick is the MVP of the NFL so far and with him at the helm, playing the entire game, The Eagles are the team to beat in the NFC.  Vick plays an all out, hold nothing back brand of football and as his age increases, so does his ability to be injured and recover less than quick.  The fact is that during the Eagles three loses, Vick played a half or less of those games (OUT for TENN, played  only 2nd half for GB, injured during 1st quarter for WAS).  When playing an entire game, the Eagles are undefeated and MIchael Vick looked like not only the best QB in the league, but the best player in the NFL.  As they get ready for Giants this week, Vick actually has advantage going in because the Giants front four are an aggressive pass rush line which will give Vick the ability to set up, split gaps, run out of the pocket and make plays. Yes Vick will take some hard hits this game as he won't get away from them all, but as long as he can stay healthy, The Eagles win this game running away, literally.

If someone was to ask for a prediction from me, I would say the Ealges win with the score 37-27. Michael Vick will rush for over a 100 yards, Vick's favorite target, DeSean Jackson will eclipse 100 yards and at least one touchdown.  Asante Samuel will get a pick six and Akers will be perfect.  For the Giants, Steve Smith is out of the game which will cause Eli Manning to overly rely on Hakeem Nicks. This will get Nicks 10 catches and a TD but it will also lead to Asante's interception for a touchdown.

In the end, I am very excited to see this game on Sunday night and Michael Vick has always played well under the spotlight of a late game and national audience.  He needs to rebuild his image, as well as rebuild his bank account.  All of the factors I have described paves the way for Vick to be a super man, once again.
Posted on: July 21, 2010 10:56 pm

Deadline Approaching, Phils Should Be Sellers ...

And by sellers, I also mean buyers too.  This season is not dead yet.  As a die-hard Phillies fan, I would love everything to be perfect here in the City of Brotherly Love, but that's not the case and changes need to be made.  I know Jayson Werth is not coming back next year.  His contract demands are through the roof and we have his replacement already waiting to take his place in Dom Brown. I say trade Werth now and get some prospects or at least one top notch, can't miss prospect in return. Do I hear a Jayson Werth for Wade Davis of Tampa Bay trade being hummed to me in the background?  Trading Werth is not completely out of the question.  But something else that should be done is to absolutely trade Raul Ibanez.  Make it a complete salary dump or agree to pay half of his salary and get a couple low level prospects to plug in down on the farm, I don't care.  Bigger than that is that it would open up a spot for John Mayberry to play every day in LF which is a level of confidence the organization should and needs to show him like they do with Dominic Brown.  If the Mayberry experiment doesn't work, we're really no better off.  Raul is playing like a superstar little leaguer (and for you all not getting my analogy, he is playing very bad) and Ben Francisco would be better full time.  I just hope they keep Benny boy where he is and let Mayberry have his shot.  The biggest deal of it all here though is that both trades free up at least 10 million dollars or more next season, as well as two million dollars or more this year off the books.  Ruben Amaro has a very strict budget to work with so this money provides flexability.  Give the youngsters a chance and I am sure they will shine. So in my perfect scenerio, we have three players making small money (I include Wade Davis, it is my perfect world) and the ability to go out and get a top notch starter that's on the market this year (that's where that whole budget flexability comes in handy). The influz of young talent could spark our offense and with the trade for a top tier pitcher on the market as well as my all to perfect trade of Jayson Werth for Wade Davis would sure up the pitching all too well.  Sounds perfect, so I know it won't happen.  Please let me be wrong.

Posted on: April 22, 2010 7:00 pm

My Mock Draft

Right before the draft starts, I am posting my 1st round mock draft selections.  Obviously, I won't be 100% correct, but I am hoping for 80%.  Plus. I can't account for trades which I predict there will be at least 5 with teams moving up and down.  Here we go.

1) STL - S. Bradford, QB
2) DET - N. Suh, DT
3) TB - G. McCoy, DT
4) WAS - T. Williams, OT
5) KC - R. Okung, OT
6) SEA - E. Berry, FS
7) CLE - J. Haden, CB
8) OAK - A. Davis, OT
9) BUF - J. Clausen, QB
10) JAC - D. Morgan, DE
11) DEN - R. McClain, LB
12) MIA - D. Williams, DT
13) SF - B. Bulaga, OT
14) SEA - C. Spiller, RB
15) NYG - J. Pierre-Paul, DE
16) TEN - E. Thomas, FS
17) SF - S. Kindle, OLB
18) PIT - M. Pouncey, C
19) ATL - M. Iupati, OG
20) HOU - R. Mathews, RB
21) CIN - J. Gresham, TE
22) NE - J. Hughes, OLB
23) GB - B. Graham, OLB
24) PHI - T. Mays, FS
25) BAL - D. Bryant, WR
26) ARI - S. Weatherspoon, LB
27) DAL - D. Thomas, WR
28) SD - K. Wilson, CB
29) NYJ - J. Odrick, DT
30) MIN - D. McCourty, CB
31) IND - R. Saffold, OT
32) NO - B. Price, DT
These selections are based off of mock drafts through several different websites and their several different draft gurus.  One thing I can say is that if things begin to fall as I have them, there wiill be trades to move to get players teams love. For instance, Dez Bryant at the 25th slot would be a steal and someone is going to move up before that and get him before he gets that far.  Like I said, there will be trades and I can't wait for the wheeling and dealing to begin.
Posted on: April 19, 2010 2:04 pm

Eagles get Ernie Sims

Essentially, the Eagles traded a 5th round pick for former 1st rounder, Ernie Sims.  Sims is a smallish LB that will start outside for the Eagles right away.  The move I like in getting a player to fill a position they needed that is also proven and young.  But, he is in the last year of his deal and with Donovan McNabb traded to the Redskins, the Eagles are not exactly Super Bowl ready.  Maybe Sims plays well early and the Eagles keep him out of free agency and sign him to a long term deal but I can't see Sims not testing the market for the first time in his career.  So, the Eagles got a one year rental, just got a little bit better on defense, and now only have ten picks.  There is also talk of the Eagles packaging their first rounder and a second or third to move up between 10 and 13 to get Earl Thomas, the converted safety out of Texas.  He is a big time playmaker that would also improve the Eagles defense tremendously. But, again the Eagles are not Super Bowl caliber next season.  But I can't help but feel like they will be just like every other Eagles team for the past ten years in which every game they go into next season, the fans feel like they will have a chance to win and I guess that is a good thing.
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A Reflection on McNabb to Washington

After a couple days of sitting on the news that Donovan McNabb has in fact been traded, shocked is the only response I can muster up in that the Philadelphia Eagles traded him to a division rival, the Washington Redskins.  Without looking at the ramifications this has on the Philadelphia Eagles franchise or the divisional relationship, there is quite possibly no better fit for Donovan McNabb than the Washington Redskins.

The Washington Redskins have had a stellar defense for the past several years and they will look to continue that success next year.  Brian Orakpo has a year under his belt and will be a Defensive Player of the Year candidate in my eyes as long as Albert Haynesworth can remain healthy all year long.  That though, is not a given proposition as he throughout his entire career, has never played in all 16 games in the regular season.  Something always goes wrong, but if he can stay in the middle and cover up at least two lineman and sometimes three, Orakpo will be given every opportunity to rush the passer and make plays.  He showed signs of dominance last year as a rookie and the belief here is that he will be even better.  So with that said, we move on to the Redskins' offense.  There are some weapons for McNabb to throw to, starting with Chris Cooley and Santana Moss, his last year's DeSean Jackson and Brent Celek.  There are also two young and talented receivers with high potential in Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly.  With those four weapons in the passing game, McNabb should flourish.  The running game has three former All-Pro running backs sharing carries in Clinton Portis (who Mike Shanahan shipped out of town in Denver because he didn't like his attitude), Larry Johnson, and Willie Parker.  With the most money due to Portis, depth at the position, and the head coach's past with him, I can't see Portis playing for the Redskins this season.  Now we come to the most glaring hole on the team which is the offensive line.  Mike Shanahan has an eye for offensive line talent and will rebuild this line in a hurry starting with drafting Russell Okung with the 4th pick overall in the upcoming draft.  The offense will be a run first version of the west coast which will suit Donovan much better than the pass first version he ran with Eagles.  His troubles have always been is inaccurancy early in games.  Running the ball 65% of the time early on should help McNabb get into the flow of the game much better which should improve that accurancy problem. 

Overall, replacing Jason Campbell with Donovan McNabb has made the Redskins a playoff team.  He brings a skill level to the position they have not had in many, many years.  As well as winning experience and a winning attitude that made the Eagles perennial contenders for the past ten years.  Even with subpar offensive weapons, McNabb was still able to win.  Now, with an owner that will buy anyone and everything, a coaching staff and system perfect for him, and an up and coming offense with talent, McNabb is poised to do what he promised Philadelphia he would do. That's win a Super Bowl. 
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Eagles Offseason Drama and more

This has been quite the offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles and all of their fans.  The whole thing started with the beloved Brian Westbrook being released.  Regardless of his injury history, He was a huge fan favorite.  But Philadelphia Eagle fans are used to the front office getting rid of declining fan favorite superstars.  If Brian Dawkins can be let go, no one is untouchable.  I guess now, the next one to go is Mr. Eagle himself, the all time leader in Philadelphia history for every quarterback stat.  He is the greastest quaterback to ever wear the green and black.  Do I even need to say his name? Okay, it's Donovan McNabb.  In any other organization, regardless of declining age, loyalty is shown to star quaterbacks that have taken teams out of the gutter and he would be there for life.  But of course, that's not how the Eagles work. 

The Eagles don't keep veterans with big money left on contracts.  This offseason they have purged their roster of older players making any kind of significant money.  I can't say I don't totally agree.  The departure of Darren Howard, Kevin Curtis, Reggie Brown, Shawn Andrews, and of course Brian Westbrook were actually pretty necessary.  There are younger players more than capable of filling their shoes making way less money.  These types of roster decisions have made the Eagles management a very sucessful team off the field.  Its too bad they can't translate all of that wonderful offseason prowess into a Superbowl win.

But back to the Donovan McNabb saga, he has four more years of football left in him.  That I believe.  It deserves to be with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Kevin Kolb should be the one traded as he is still young, more proven than any QB in this years draft, and should net a lot in return for his services.  I throw out a team like the Cleveland Browns.  They don't have a QB of the future and they will run a West Coast offense with Mike Holgrem up in the front office.  Kevin Kolb has been developed very well in this system and would be a perfect fit. He could also be signed to a very friendly long term deal.  With McNabb reportly netting an early 2nd round pick, Kevin Kolb should be netting an early 1st round pick and that is something the Cleveland Browns have.  The Eagles have a couple 3rd round picks and there are a plentiful amount of 2nd tier QB's in this year's draft behind the likes of Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford.

So, I say you let McNabb stay and be the face of the franchise that he has been for the past ten years, let Kolb go while being heavily compensated and grab another Kevin Kolb like player in the 3rd round and develop him like you did before.  One thing the Eagles can do is develop players. They have made a history of it.  So I know I am going against the grain here, but i say, let McNabb stay and maybe, just maybe, we get that Super Bowl win after all.
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