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Eagles Game in 15 Minutes

Posted on: December 12, 2010 8:35 pm
As I get ready for the Eagles game, an overwhelming feeling of concern has kind of hit me.  Pundits are picking this game as the upset special of the week and as I watch entry interviews for most of the players, they are talking about revenge and how they ave to get them back for what they did to them last year.  They are saying they need to pop them in the mouth and embarass them.  Don't get me wrong, that sounds all well and good, but I believe they may be a little short sighted on this one.  Yes, what the Cowboys did to the Eagles last year was very bad to the franchise and the young players' egos but that was last year and this season is a whole new story. If they wanted revenge, they can laugh at them for going 1-7 to start the season and ruining any chance of the playoffs. Its time for the leaders of this team to step and get all the players in line so they can do to the Cowboys what basically all of the NFL has done so far this season and that's beat them.

My quick pre game analysis of the game is that the Cowboys' secondary is playing horrible and the defense's main problems have been controlling the passing game.  Andy Reid has has ten games to prepare for this game and he will exploit this.  LeSean McCoy will have a big game through check downs, which will then eventually pull the safeties in allowing Maclin and Jackson one on one go routes for the big plays.  So, offense will not be a problem.  Defense may be but having Dez Bryant out as well as Romo can make this a game with a high turnover margin in the Eagles favor.  Well the game has started, lets see what the Eagles can do. By the way, they sure do like the prime time.  Remember Washington? 
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